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We are a small Italian maison rooted in the center of the world capital of elegance, Milan.

Day after day our aim is to make the world a better place. We design and create animal free shoes with innovative, top-tier quality materials.

And you, don't you want to be part of that?

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Eco Friendly

we only use sustainable and innovative materials: microfiber, Alcantara®, Vibram®

made in italy italian craftmanship artisan high quality materials

Made in Italy

each component of the shoe is produced and assembled in Italy

animal free vegan cruelty free sustainable eco friendly earth green

Animal Free

no animal component is used for the production of our shoes (vegan shoes)


Our shoes

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Shipping worldwide

We are able to ship your Fera Libens all over the world!

Free shipping and change (Italy and EU)!

We have been featured by

It is possible to dress up with elegance, respecting the environment and the human being at the same time

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A young person's need becomes a work for many artisans

wired Fera libens featured by corriere della sera

A shoe with a silhouette that will never go out of style

Fera libens featured by scarpe magazine

A new concept of footwear that combines respect for animals with the Made in Italy

Fera libens featured by preziosa

The startup has achieved the highest level of the Animal Free Rating (VVV +) from LAV

Fera libens featured by fashion magazine

A short note: are Fera Libens vegan shoes?

Yes, for sure. Fera Libens footwear can be considered fully vegan shoes - or cruelty free shoes, animal free shoes, animal friendly shoes, vegetarian shoes - even if we don’t stress this aspect overly. Such a description would risk excluding a large chunk of potential customers and limit the range of interest in our products only to people who would identify themselves as vegans. Our principal aim is to reach out beyond this niche market, which is certainly our primary focus, to other groups that are not necessarily vegan but who are sensitive to the need to treat our animal friends with respect. We think that avoiding narrow labels is the best way to promote the spread of more sustainable behaviour on a wider scale.